Things I want to Learn

There are many things that I’ve always wanted to learn but have never had the time or motivation to apply them. There are so many fun, useful and crazy activities to do in the world and it’s unfortunate how life can fill up so much with mundane actions that these activities are set to the side. I have not chosen one that I want to complete yet but I do have a surplus of idea’s that I would like to put down. Here is my list!

  1. Run a half Marathon- It has always been a huge goal of mine to finish a half or full marathon. My mom ran one and I just think it would be such an incredible feeling. I would really like to learn a training routine and build up to completing one at the end of my semester. I would complete this by tracking all my progress in a journal and creating a weekly running schedule.
  2. Learn how to cook healthy meals and create my own student cook book- I often find myself cooking the exact same thing, and while yam curry sounds delicious I have been surviving off the stuff for far too long. I try and be creative when going to the grocery store but often find myself flustered and leaving with the exact same ingredients for what I know how to make. I think it would be a really cool thing to make a different meal that will last through the week( soups, curry, Chili) and to write down these recipes in a sort of self made cook book so that when I am done experimenting I can resort back to my favourite recipes and creations. I would want to theme the recipes as affordable, tasty, and healthy for optimal student energy.
  3. Photography- I’ve always enjoyed photography and admired people who have been able to succeed in it as a lifestyle. I would be very interested in learning how to use lighting and take portraits, nature shots, and have some basic skills so I can capture special moments as I move through my life.

So here they are three ideas that I feel would be satisfying and helpful for healthy living in a university life and beneficial for long term happiness!