Blog Post 1# Most Likely to Succeed

The video we watched was really interesting and very progressive. The students going to the  school featured were experiencing a completely different type of education that I had ever experienced. The students were very set to work on their projects together and individually, the classrooms were set up so that the students were not completing worksheets and structured assignments. Instead the projects presented were large group creations in which the students all had very important roles to play. Together they took these roles and worked hard over a long period of time to have something to present to their peers, teachers, and classmates. This type of progressive school is a very new concept, lots of parents fear that this freedom will delay their children and take away from important time spent on academics and memorization.

As more research is done, they are finding out that pure memorization does not stick. Students learn what they need to learn for the time being and completely forget the information when it is not needed for the test. When students were asked what was more important “getting an education and learning”, or “doing well on the test”, students all said that they wanted to do well on the test. There is an ingrained fear of failure in students and failure will lead to them not having a successful career. This is so dangerous because the carers that are opening up in our world are careers that need problem solvers, people that are not spitting out equations but understanding how to problem solve. Hopefully this can change, whether or not this is the best method of teaching children has not been proven yet but it is very exciting to see innovation like this become present in our society