Blog Post #2 Ed Camp and Professional Learning Environments

Today in class we focused on Ed camps. An idea in which passionate individuals come together to share their idea’s on important education topics and ventures. I think this is a really unique idea and a great way to get people collaborating and creating strong learning environments and opportunities for students and teachers alike. There are many individuals out there that have very innovative and inspiring idea’s but do not have the platform to share these idea’s, camps like these help everyone come together to share how they feel. In many conference type of workshops there is one individual who does all the talking and is the main star of the presentation, while this is beneficial it may not always leave room for others to express thoughts and ideas that they have. Putting together a group of individuals who are all interested, passionate and creative gives a huge variety of exploration on the subjects and gives valuable resources and skills that teachers can take back and implement into their classrooms.

Our group focused on Outdoor learning environments and it was really interesting to see how all our experiences varied depending on where we grew up, our school size and resources our schools had. We had all come from completely opposite places, big cities, small towns and communities. Some of the schools had many fieldtrips in which students were really able to experience learning in natures, Oliver is particular had a school which had set up a large concrete auditorium like structure with different levels for students to sit with the teacher at the front. Our discussion then turned to whether outdoor classrooms would be beneficial for students who had learning disabilities due to the stimulus of being outside. I think that while for students this may be slightly an issue, being outside has huge benefits for the majority of students when it comes to feeling energetic and not cooped up. I think they key to having a productive outdoor classroom would be to make sure the projects the students were working on were ones that they could go about at their own paces such as a ongoing art projects, Story writing or creative venture. It may not be the place for a math lesson!