My Game Plan

Okay so starting off my healthy meal preparation and fitness goals have to start with a game plan in order to be successfully executed. For my first week I’m going to make a healthy Thai curry that my friend Arriane is coming over to make with me this Wednesday. She took a trip to Thailand earlier this year and says this is a staple in her diet because it’s easy, healthy and tastes really good and authentic! While coconut Milk health benefits are sometimes controversial because it has such a high fat content, it is very beneficial for a healthy student living a balanced life style. It is a good source for energy, proven to lower cholesterol, has antibacterial properties and can lower risk of inflammation. I will make this curry and hopefully it will last me to the end of the week. For breakfasts I have been eating two scrambled eggs mixed with spinach, cherry tomatoes and spinach. For the fitness aspect of my goals I am going to try and make it to the gym 4-5 times a week, instead of sitting during the breaks on my Monday and Thursdays I am going to Carsa with Julia and will run or play Squash the others days of the week.

Thai Coconut Curry

2 cans of full Fat coconut Milk/ carrots/eggplant/fresh garlic

paste: Coconut oil, red pepper flakes, curry powder/turmeric/pepper/salt

Step 1: Make paste

Step 2: Steam Veggies

Step 3: Brown garlic and onions in pan on medium heat until onions are translucent

Step 4: Add paste to pan( Coconut oil mixed with spices)Roast garlic in pan, heat coconut oil slightly and mix in with paste, stir and then add coconut milk, let simmer and add veggies, add spices to taste