School Visit

Today’s school visit was very inspiring and interesting. Going into a school like this and meeting the students is very eye opening and really shows how diverse schools can be while being functional. The students all worked on their own inquiry projects and decided what information that they wanted to learn in the day, with their work being assessed through portfolios. The student that I got to interact with the most told me all about his virtual reality inquiry project in which he was creating a virtual art sculpture. The children seemed incredibly focused on the tasks they working on and none seemed distracted on their phones or with each other.

I think this type of school is such an incredible example of taking learning to a whole other level, but can also see where their would be some lack in social interactions. I know that high school for me was a time that I participated in many sports teams, clubs, leadership programs and really spent time with my peers. It is difficult to tell if this kind of school would present these same opportunities and if the benefits out way the things that the school lacks. As told my the principle the school was still very new and had only been operating for 6 years, I think that while the school may not yet provide some of the same social programs that there is still room to be able to implement them. I also think that there is a certain student type that would absolutely thrive in this learning environment and a certain type of student that does need a little bit more structure and guidance.