Week 5

This week has been a very crazy one as a I got very sick right at the beginning and had troubles really prepping a meal. I want to be truthful in this blog so I ended up eating a lot of yams and pasta, big carbohydrate loads that were easy to make. While I don’t think these was necessarily the most healthy options I do think that they provided the energy needed to heal me up as going into Monday I feel much better. Because I didn’t get to try out a new recipe I decided to do some research into easy, nutrient filled recipes that I can keep in my stach and use for the next time I am not feeling amazing.

Looking into sick day eats I found a very big trend on line that included lots of garlic because of its stimulating affects on the immune system, broths because of their flavor and calories, vitamins and minerals such as, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium yogurts, spicy foods(I like this one) because they can sometimes contain capsaicin which can have a desensitizing effect and is often used in pain-relieving gels, Avocados because they provide calories, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. They’re also soft, relatively bland and easy to eat. And last but not least a ton of veggies because everyone knows veggies are always a good choice. It is very difficult to know when you are going to start feeling sick therefor complicated recipes with lots of prep are not ideal.