Blog Post 3: For our Digital Photography project this week we decided to give it a theme which was Valentines day. We wanted to make a special treat for our classmates( Cupcakes) and to document the process that went into making them as a way to capture how fun it can be do do things for others. While this was a very simple task, it was a good way to implement photography in a way that is easy for any one to participate in. In a classroom you could assign students the job of using photography to document an experience in which you worked together with a peer, family member or friend to create something nice for others. This would get the students to engage creatively with each other, promote a positive classroom environment and use digital photography all at the same time.

We definitely got a little side tracked during the experience but that was half of the fun, Oliver brought maple syrup and we attempted to create the traditional treat of maple syrup on snow also known as “tire d’érable”. This is traditionally done by boiling maple syrup/sap, spreading it onto snow and then immediately lifting it up and wrapping the syrup in a fork or wooden stick. We were actually very successful and all had to really work together in order to pour it, lift it and create the right consistency. We documented as much of the process as we could but most of the time needed all hands on deck. You could also promote this in a classroom in the project of promoting what it means to be a canadian for students. You could tell students to create something that makes Canada feel special to them and to document this through photography. In the end we all had a ton of fun baking together and learned a cool new skill on the way.