Inquiry Visit

Our school visit to George Jay elementary school was very helpful and inspiring. I think that our program we learn so much about inquiry but never really see what it looks like hands on or really how to implement it into a class. Rebecca Bathhurst-Hunt has been teaching for 7 years and has successfully learned how to create a very unique environment in her class. She let us just take a look around the classroom to observe how inquiry had been set up and it was prevalent in all area’s of the room. She had a ‘wonder wall”, in which students photos were on display with a large bubble above their heads.

The bubbles are filled in with a question that each student had about an inquiry topic. If the class had been talking about a subject such as space the students would maybe wonder something such as “what do astronauts eat”? and be the base for the students wondering. Her classroom also had a corner that had a canvas tent over it with pillows and a rug for students how needed time to relax and take a minute in their day. They also had many outlets for creativity and chose to not have a desk as it took up too much space We spoke a lot about how just because a student is quiet does not mean they are not wondering and I think this is very important. We often put students in boxes as soon as they do not automatically participate and this is very problematic because once they are in this box we may not put in the effort needed to help them express themselves. It is important to cater towards everyone’s needs and to not forget about the students who are just not ready to share