Week 6

This week I had a huge craving for a bacon, tomato sandwich and I decided that it would be my end of the week treat if I made sure to get active outside somehow everyday or got to the gym in between class. I went on a run to Willows beach on Monday which was incredibly beautiful and got to pet a whole 5 dogs which was a very happy experience.

On Tuesday I hit the gym and on Wednesday I was offered to go to a friends inter mural baseball game and usually I wouldn’t say yes due to the fact that baseball has never been my strong suit but I decided to take a leap of faith and try my best to not totally ruin the game. Wednesday I walked to the beach, Thursday I ran again, and the weekend I hit the gym. Food wise this week I made a really good taco salad in which I used ground beef. This is something that I have been slightly conflicted about because since coming to University and cooking on my own I find that I usually eat more of a plant -based, chicken diet as constantly buying red meat can be expensive, as well as there are many conflicting ideas on health benefits and hormones within the meat. I have done research on this before but thought it would be cool to do a little bit more just to really try to get a grasp on the current beef market. I found this website that has 8 pro’s and con’s on eating meat


Anyways I decided to go ahead and eat the beef on my taco salad and it was honestly very good. I hadn’t had it in a long time and honestly my body felt kind of deprived. I am still standing today so that says something. Anyways I got through most of the week exercising everyday( Saturday doesn’t count) So I made my Bacon tomato and am featuring it below.