Social Media

I’ve chosen to write about our presentation by Jesse Miller because I found it very interesting and proactive. It is so true that many of the adults in our lives speak of social media very negatively and I think that a large part of this is the feeling of being left out as well as the influx of fake news that circulates around the devices that they themselves are glued to. I personally know that my dad is constantly sending things like “too much screen time causes cancer”, and it is so ironic because these messages are mostly sent to me through Facebook messenger. Listening to Jesse is very comforting and eye opening. I know that I grew up in the beginning of this broadcasting era, I remember first getting an Instagram account and beginning to share my life to the world. After constant negative output from my parents and family, but this didn’t stop me from wanting to share and share and share. While this addiction that our society has may be narcissistic it is the reality that we live in and the best thing that we can do about it is to utilize it. We are living in a world of unimaginable possibility, and we must rethink technology and turn it into a tool that nurtures a creative spirit and a critical mind. Jesse believes we must rethink and reevaluate how we use and feel about technology. We must harness the understanding that we can create a community of digital citizenship that will actually move the world forward. I totally agree with this, there is not stopping the wave that social media and technology have started, as a whole society old and young we must learn how to surf them, in that sense enjoying and creating something useful and elegant within them.