Victoria Eats

Something that I have definitely noticed about Victoria is the huge variation and incredible food culture here. As a student it can be difficult to eat out and really get to experience all the incredible places to eat because it is not in our price range and we just flat out don’t have time to really get out there and try new things. I thought it would be unique to try and give a little overview of all the places I’ve found in Victoria that are healthy, affordable and really tasty!

1.Green Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant- Green Cuisine is a small little nutritious vegan restaurant located in the middle of downtown Victoria market square. The food is all buffet style and completely homemade. I like this restaurant because every thing is up to you, you have a huge variety of what you want to eat and also get to choose exactly how much you want to spend depending on the portion size you get. Recommendations on the menu are the creamed cauliflower, chickpea butter chicken, falafel and carrot cake.

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Green Cuisine

2.) Tacofino- Everyone has heard about the incredible tacofino and probably been there at least once. They have a huge and varied range of tacos and burritos. Nothing says west coast like fish and yam tempura tacos from tacofino. It is affordable and also a really nice place to go with friends!

3.) Be Love- Be love is an offers a sustainable organic cuisine to nourish and heal the body, mind & soul. It promotes healthy eating and lifestyle while just having a really funky and dun vibe. All the food is local with vegan and gluten free options! I have only been here once but thought it was a really unique place and I really recommend showing it to someone who wants to really experience the whole food side of Victoria

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4. The Pink Bicycle- personally I can never say no to a good burger and Pink bicycle offers amazing burgers without so much of the guilt. All the burgers are homemade original recipes topped w/ fresh lettuce tomato & red onion on a toasted bond bonds bakery sesame bun or an origin bakery gluten free bun. It has an amazing atmosphere and all the food is local and fresh