End Of The Semester

This personal passion project has been a really interesting and enlightening experience. It has made me way more aware of what I put into my body and just how busy life can get. I think that knowing that every week I needed to write something definitely snapped me into a habit of being cognizant of food, the food industry and nutrition and health in the varying situations of university. While I did get very busy and was not able to constantly keep up with documenting my meals I definitely improved my food literacy in many different area’s. In conclusion I am going to write the most important things that I learned from trying to improve my diet and all around physical and mental life style.

  1. Restricting yourself from the foods you love the most completely really does not work. Everything is balance and making sure that you are balancing out the things that you really enjoy (banana bread from Biblio) and healthy meals is the exact way to go. While it can be fun to go on little fads and cut down on eating a ton of sugar and fat, saying no completely almost always ends up in guilty devouring later on the road.
  2. The best way to save money on food is to cook for yourself-Eating out is very expensive and adds up way too quickly. Looking at most of the costs for my year, eating food out is almost always the biggest expense(not including rent). Being able to cook for yourself is a life long skill and is a really fun, creative energy outlet.
  3. Do not believe everything you hear- Food myths are so prominent in our culture and should not be taken seriously. Fad diets, cleanses, restricting food groups etc. are not healthy long term healthy lifestyles. To be healthy you should eat from all the different food groups and make sure that you are keeping a balanced active lifestyle.
  4. Banana Pancakes are awesome
  5. Obesity is a rising issue- Education wise, students need to be taught about nutrition because not every child is given the proper tools to live a successful healthy life at home. As an educator it is our job to teach students healthy living habits. To do this, we must personally be aware of nutrition and active living.
  6. Eating Breakfast is SO important- Eating a healthy big breakfast is a straight up recipe for success. Starting your day from the get go by fueling your brain helps you get energized and ready to concentrate through out your day. The days that I have not eaten breakfast I have felt lethargic and uninterested in schoolwork and events.
  7. Victoria has an amazing food scene(get to know it)- While eating out all the time is not affordable or healthy, when you do it do it right. We live in an incredible city and enjoying the cuisine is a must do. Check out downtown on special occasions and explore all the amazing options out there!