Blogging In the Classroom

Being introduced to blogging this semester has been a very eye opening and fun experience. We were challenged with designing our own online presence, growing a wide array of technology skills, becoming passionate and engaged in a topic and working together with peers to become competent in a certain skill. I think that having a platform to show our growth and progress has been such a strong and important tool in organizing and reflecting on all the information learned. When going into a classroom I have decided that blogging is something that I would like to incorporate. While it is slightly controversial because some parents feel that it is not a form of learning that is accessible enough or based around writing I do think that there is a place for blogging. I believe that for many students it is somewhat difficult to express their opinions and feel comfortable sharing and participating. While these social skills are important, it is also good to give students another option to express themselves.

Making sure that your creating a safe and welcoming blogging space that is accessible and fun for students is a way to target the students who just won’t speak in class. Classroom blogs are a way to inspire classroom community, giving a safe space for opinion, ask important questions and help integrate technology in a positive light. Having a strong sense of network literacy and understanding computers and technology in order to be able to pass that understanding to students is an important part of technology integration in the curriculumn.

Here is a link to a good resource of blog prompts