Learning about privacy, safety and intellectual property has given me an entirely new concept on how much responsibility educators have over their students and the content that they choose to teach and share. Understanding copy writing in one’s own work and others is important so that collaboration can be properly integrated. We especially talked about Creative Commons licensing which is a type of license to use resources as long as it is attributed with the original author. It includes choosing whether resources are allowed to be adapted, not allowed to be adapted or allowed as long as they make changes apparent. We learned that if a resource is copyrighted then it can not be used unless the author says that it can be, using the advanced search option on google is an easy way to get resources that are free to share, having a creative commons license.

As for student safety this is also a very important responsibility that a teacher understands exactly what is allowed and not allowed to be shared of a student. It is common sense that pictures of children should not be shared without permission but many events in the past have shown that educators have not been educated on the regulations behind student privacy, hearing the stories about the Instagram accounts and inappropriate events with children and social media are very disturbing . A student should not be featured unless explicit consent has been given, pictures of the back of students heads are permitted but no face shots or recognizing pictures. Some parents have no problem with their students being photographed but others are very uncomfortable with it and have serious reasons why their child should not be publicized.